Vedic numerology number 3

Vedic numerology number 3

Vedic numerology introduction to number 3, by Rudy Kuhn, produced by Eastern Motion Pictures Learn more about indian and vedic astrology The basic information for this number is based on the " Indian Numerology " book by Harish Johari .


 · The Numerology number 3 holds a very special place in numerology. Number 3 is the number of the Devas’ Guru Brihaspathi. They are the people who always have the welfare of others at heart. Others usually use their brains, help, and money and do not give them their due respect.

Numerology Number 3 Number 3 – vibration – Jupiter Travel – Religion – Education. You are number 3 if you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month or year. The number 3 vibration has a strong trend towards travel and education. A highly spiritual number, the 3 vibration is closely linked with the spiritual aspect of religion.

Numerology Number 3 Predictions : Vedic Astrology: GENERAL: You are an over ambitious person. You are never satisfied by working under someone and always want to reach the top position. Usually, your only aim is to progress and rise in the world. You will have the desire to have control and authority over other people.

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Number 3 signifies ARTIST – They will impart, motivate and make idealistic contributions to the society. Number 4 signifies BUILDER – Individuals will defy all principles and believe in radical approaches. Number 5 signifies ENTERTAINER – They will network well, pioneer new …

Rahu and Ketu used to be considered planets in Vedic numerology. According to Indian numerology, individuals have three relevant numbers. Knowing these three numbers means knowing the individual, and he who knows himself, knows the best. A. Psychic number-The psychic number in Vedic Numerology tells the way you look at yourself. It defines your basic characteristics.


 · If at all there is a number which is worth mentioning a million times, then it is number 3. Number 3 is the epitome of goodness. It symbolizes sacrifice, purest love, and eternal giver to humanity. This is the most loved and respected number of all in numerology. This is the number which connects all other number in numerology.

Vivekananda's birth date number 3 and name number 7 represent that he is ambitious, versatile and a spiritual guru. His ambitions are more focussed on service to poor and downtrodden as is shown by 4 in his birth single number.

Introduction to Vedic astrology, indian astrology, vedic numerology and indian numerology, with focus on the 9 Planets : Sun - Moon - Jupiter - Rahu - Mercury - Venus - Ketu - Saturn - Mars.