Social Aspects of Soul Urge Number 2. Those of soul urge 2 are always looking out to make lasting connections and friendships. There is nothing more you desire than being able to strike up conversations with those around you and enjoy each other’s presence. As a result, people are naturally drawn to you and your personality help keep them around.

The Meaning of Soul Number 2. When your soul urge number is 2 it means that you have come into this life to learn certain karmic lessons that will serve you on your spiritual journey toward illumination. This soul urge number indicates that you may need to learn about cooperation, humility and how to deal with powerful emotions.

They need to carry out their ideas and to determine the confidence of good conductors. The main vibration of Soul number 2: cooperation, closeness, sensitivity, balance and harmony, benevolence. Constant ebb and flow of the moon affect the holders of two souls more than anyone else. People with Soul urge number 2 – is a pair duet. It is volatile and easily adaptable, but at times hesitant.

With the 2 as your Soul Urge, this number’s energy might be something only you can see or feel. Or alternately, you may “wear your heart on your sleeve” and show this more tender side of yourself more often than not. It ultimately depends on the other numbers in your chart and how those energies mix and match with your harmonizing number 2.


 · Soul Urge Number 2. Your Soul Urge is to be needed, admired and loved by all. You are motivated by relationships and have a deep need to connect with others. You are sensitive and tactful and always striving to ensure harmony, balance, and cooperation prevail wherever you are. In fact, life can begin to feel very uncomfortable, very quickly at ...