Soul Memory; is the total amount of souls that a player has accumulated. Spending them does not add to this total amount, merely earning souls add to this total amount, period. Collecting consumable items that grant souls upon use does not increase your Soul Memory. Using those items however will …

Dark Souls 2 Soul Memory Calculator / Visualiser. Details. This is mirrored with my Steam Guide. In general, you can't connect between NG and NG+ at all. However, NG+, NG++, and so on can connect to each other. Since the SotFS patch, there are no restrictions based on playthrough.

Mopquill: That's me. I make things. illusorywall: illusorywall took initiative, and spent an insane amount of time researching the way soul memory matchmaking worked, as well as debunking the oft-repeated rumors regarding soul memory ranges and their percentages. You can view the fruits of his labor for yourself here.He also helped contribute to the original Dark Souls calculator.

Dark Souls 2 Soul Memory Calculator/Visualiser. Note: I've merged this into my main website, there won't be any more activity here. Tells you who you can play with online in Dark Souls 2. i18n+l10n. Current language support (of officially translated languages in-game): English - DuBistKomisch; German - SenSenSen

Soul Memory Range Visualiser ("Calculator") Guide. ... Suggestion - Instead of using "Your Soul Memory" and "Their Soul Memory", consider using something like "Item User's Soul Memory" and "Range of Available Players". This is because if you're the host and you enter your SM, ...

Dark Souls 2 Soul Memory Calculator / Visualiser – Jake Barnes


 · If you guys can help supply me with other translations or corrections from people who actually are fluent in the language, I'll add them to the calculator for everyone to be able to use. The following phrases need translating: "Item User's Soul Memory" and "Range of Available Players" and "Host's Soul Memory" "No Item Selected"

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 · Soul Memory is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls II.. This mechanic tracks the …

Dark Souls 2 Soul Memory Visualiser [] by DuBistKomisch (me, shameless plug I know) - visualise the ranges for each item for any soul memory amount Dark Souls 2 SM Calculator [] by PySnow - gives the ranges for your soul memory, and can use another player's to check which items will work (seems like the ...

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