Based off the seven souls on the game "Undertale", each soul represents a different personality.These are Determination, Bravery, Patience, Justice, Kindness, Perseverance and Integrity; Can be used on Anime Boi to get Gaster. JUST IN CASE YOU DID NOT KNOW, THIS IS ONE ITEM, NOT SEVEN SMALLER ONES.

Owners: The first human, Chara; the eighth human, Frisk. Light Blue SOUL. Trait: Patience[2] Associated items: Toy Knife and Faded Ribbon found in the Ruins. Combat Mechanics: Light Blue Attacks: Inflicts damage unless the SOUL does not move. Photoshop Flowey: Attacks with Spinning Knives. Heals with Bandages. Snowball Game Text: "Ball" is "Small".


 · “According to the Egyptians, the human being is born with seven souls which are in a way the potential powers of the seven planets in man. The souls are manifested though the seven senses, the seven vital organs, and the seven bodily systems. Each of the seven souls has its planetary name. Saturn is the […]

Question: I've heard it said that the seven branches of the Menorah (candelabra) in the Holy Temple represent the seven types of souls. Can you please tell me the unique characteristics of these different souls? Answer: Man was created "in the image of G‑d" (Genesis 1:26).Among the many meanings inherent in this statement is that our souls' composition is the likeness G‑d's divine attributes.

The 7 Human Souls. By Meowcat103. Use this Game Pass in: READ DESCRIPTION. Price. 25. Buy. Become the other human souls! If you want me to add the other souls of different character from different AUs, please tell me! Type. Game Pass. Updated. Jan. 01, 2018 Description. Become the other human souls! ...