· The more frequently you see the angel number 23, the more you’re being reassured that you have the full support of your guardian angels. You are being backed up by divine powers in all of your endeavors, so go ahead and chase after that dream. Don’t think that the angel number 23, as well as angel number 418, can only bring bad luck for you. What the universe is trying to tell you is that …


 · Seeing 23 Number The moment you start seeing angel number 23 everywhere, it is a sign that your guardian angels are trying to show you that your life will not be difficult. This is because they will give you support for you to endure every challenge that comes your way.

If you keep on seeing number 23 all around you, then this can be taken on as a warning. You need to go back to your roots and pursue the things you forgot about. This passion can be drawing, music building things or whatever you loved doing before.


 · I think the key to the answer is the significance that you accord the number. If, for whatever reason, 23 is significant to you, you will be, at least subconsciously, on the lookout for it. You will see it everywhere because it frequently pops up. If some other number, say 24, was particularly significant to you, you would see that number everywhere.


 · The repeating Angel Number 23 is a reminder that your angels, archangels and Ascended Masters are always available to support, guide and assist you - all you need to do is ask....


 · At first I didn't think much of it, but it has recently occurred to me that I am literally seeing the number 23 everywhere!!! Like even last night I got an urge in the middle of the night to check the time and it was 4:23 I have alot of instances where I casually looked at a number and it was 23. So I don't think that this can be a co-incidence anymore, it has happened too many times.


 · Meaning of Angel Number 23 Angel number 23 derives its meaning from root numbers 2 and 3. The vibration of number 2 is associated with duality, cooperation, diplomacy, faith, trust, and service to others. The vibration of number 2 is very powerful, altering any number with which it appears.


 · Spiritual Number 23 Meaning Numerology: Number 23 in numerology symbolizes with a touch of diplomacy and creativity. In numerology, the meaning of compound numbers is derived by finding its root number by adding the individual digits of the number which in this case is 5.


 · The number 23 is everywhere in my life, i see it at least 2 or 3 times a day! just very weird occurrences when i notice this number, and also i was born on august 23..idk what it means. i always tried to figure out what it meant 12:38 PM

Number 23 is appearing in many different areas of our lives, but if you notice that you are seeing this number all the time, then you should search for its spiritual meaning. Maybe you didn’t know, but number 23 can bring you a divine message and make you change your way of thinking and perceiving the things around you.