Pythagorean square The famous mathematician Pythagoras believed that the character, behavior and life of man is encoded in the form of numbers where each number has its own character, that is value. If you add two different numbers, you get a third number that will have its significance.

Pythagorean square or "Psychomatrix" gives a chcracteristic according to the date of birth. It was developed by Pythagoras in the 5th century BC and was developed by his followers. The basic idea of psychomatrix is that the date of birth has a certain combination of numbers, with the help of which the human psychological type can be described.

Pythagorean Square | Psychomatrix The so-called "psychomatrix", invented by the ancient Greek scientist Pythagoras, is one of the most popular calculations in numerology. It helps to define strength of character, energy, health, intelligence and other innate qualities.


 · Pythagorean numerology chart is the oracle of our life. It gives us an understanding of what our strengths and weaknesses are what deserves a special attention and what should be improved and worked on. Each cell in the Pythagorean matrix is an important human quality given from birth.

Psychomatrix and Pythagorean Square. Pythagorean Square - is a separate area of numerology. In fact, this area of numerology goes back to the times of Egyptian priests. They were the ones who first began characterizing people’s characters by using numbers.