Birth Date: Free Past Life is an online tool composing a potential story of your previous life using a birth date. To get the best results, we used ancient teaching, developed and held by a group of strange monks. Whatever you will get from your story, if it gives you a pearl …


 · The date of birth is much more than a date on which we celebrate our birthday. This day in large part determines our future, and past.. We present to you an interesting interpretation of the date of our birth.Check by yourself what you might have been in a past life according to your birthday.. After that don’t forget to check our Soul Age Test to determine the age of your soul.


 · Let’s find the number which represents your past life, from that we will draw further inferences. The first step is to find your Life Path number. We require your birth date for this. For example: My birth date is 4-September-1992. Add the numbers (0+4)+(9)+(1+9+9+2) = 34. Now reduce this number down to a single digit 34 = 3 + 4 = 7.

This online calculator shows you what was your past life and what are the lessons to be learned. To get the answer, just enter your birth date, with the year limited to two digits. If you wish to know the day of the week you were born, just use the calculator below. And now discover who you were in your previous life.

KNOW YOUR PAST LIFE . Every one of us was born previously and going to born again. This calculator is developed based on Indian Nadi Astrology and gives you an overview of sins committed by you in your past birth. This calculator gives generalized information and not specific to any individual.

Past life back. To find out information about your past life we may use tarot cards, classic pendulum or other traditional ways of divination. You can also use ways that are directly created for this purpose. Here we offer you a calculating way. Calculation according to the date of birth :


 · The date of birth is much more than a date on which we celebrate our birthday. This day largely determines our future and our past. We present to you an interesting interpretation of the date of our birth. Check for yourself what you could have been in a previous life based on your birthday.

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Determine your past life! Just who are you? Who were you? Were you famous or poor? Were you talented or a loser? Did people like you or despise you? To know the answer, just type in the date when you were born in your present life. For example: November 28th, 1946 would be entered as Day: 28, Month: 11, Year: 1946. Note: Keep an open mind, look ...


 · You Can Finally Find Out Who You Were in Your Past Life (and the One Before That) ... Type in your birth date, and the machine will match you to somebody who died on your birth date …