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Note: The skill effect values may differ slightly (usually within 0.1%) from values in the game due to rounding differences. If you find any bug, inaccuracy or if you have any suggestions, please let me know on Twitter or Discord (#bugs, #suggestions).. You can …

Skills in The Outer Worlds are used by the player to determine the outcome of combat or certain events within the game. Skills are grouped into a Core Skill which includes a set of specialized skills. There are 7 core skills in the game and 18 specialized skills which can be unlocked and upgraded to acquire both passive and active bonuses for your character.


 · The Outer Wilds Skills. The skills system in Outer Worlds is different from a lot of other similar games. Rather than spending points on individual skills, you start off by spending points on the more general ability type the skill falls under. Say you want to put points into the Ranged abilities of Handguns, Long Guns, and Heavy Weapons.

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