The numerology number 52 is a number of introspection and expression of a personal sense of freedom. It is studious and is mentally sharp. The energy the number 52 represents tends to do whatever attracts its attention as desirable to experience. But not on a whim.

There are 52 weeks in a year, 52 cards in a deck and if add up all the face numeral cards they add up to 365 there are 365 days in a year. there is going to be 52 states in the united States, there are 52 le tters in the English alphabet 26 upper case 26 lower case, there are 52 stars in the American flag.

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Name Number 52 The namealogy for 52 gives you mixed results of 5, 2, and 7. You may lead an above average life. 5 gives you initiative. Moon supports it with the power of imagination. So you sulk too often. Moon delays and applies breaks to your progress. She tempts you with drinks. You may postpone events.


 · Angel number 52 is made up of number 5 and number 2, and in order to get the angel number 52 meaning, we must first learn the meanings of these component numbers. Angel number 5 means positive changes that come in our lives and the sensory experiences that we have.