an·gel. (ān′jəl) n. 1. A typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth, especially in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism. 2. A representation of such a being, especially in Christianity, conventionally in the image of a human figure with a halo and wings.

Your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio. / ˈeɪn·dʒəl /. in some religious traditions, a being in heaven who serves God, often represented in art as a human with wings. An angel is also someone who is …

The word angel derives from the Greek angelos, meaning "messenger." It is used in the Bible to denote God's attendants, with angels often depicted as being guardians of humans, an idea found in ancient Asian cultures as well. The Biblical sense was continued in a medieval gold coin called an angel, which depicted the archangel Michael.

Angel. Superhuman or heavenly being who serves as God's messenger. Both the Hebrew malak and the Greek angelos indicate that these beings also act decisively in fulfilling God's will in the world. But these two terms also apply to human beings as messengers ( 1 Kings 19:2; Hag 1:13; Luke 7:24). "Angels" are mentioned almost three hundred times in Scripture, and are only noticeably absent from books such …

Camuel: The archangel name Camuel means "One Who Sees God". Camuel is an angel that gives clarity of mind and "visions". As the angel "who sees God" he gives visions to direct people in their lives. His number is 20, representing perfect vision and his stone is hawk's eye.

Angel names are divine and have beautiful meanings behind them. Their teaching is: to be in the true love of life for you and all others, and radiate the expression of the divine which is in you, put into action your powers and spiritual qualities.


 · Angel number 0 is a sign of choice, potential and it symbolizes the beginning of a spiritual journey. Just as the angel number 0 may be a message that you are at the end of a phase, it may also be saying you are at the beginning of a new journey. Now is an important time to actively look for signs, especially after prayer or meditation. 2.


 · Here are the angel colors meaning for each ray of light. Blue – Seeing a blue angel represents power, protection, faith, strength, and courage; Pink – This color represents love and peace. Yellow – If you see an angel that is yellow, it may mean they are helping you decide something as the color represents the wisdom for decisions.