Life Path Number 11: Personality. The Life Path Number 11 is a mighty number which has a great potential to be an inspiring soul for others. People with 11 life path number have the ability to be magical and impressive with their skills and capabilities. You can be both a source of energy and a source of light for others and irradiate them with ...


 · 11 is the most sensitive and intuitive of all Life Path numbers. You are also the most spiritually and mystically inclined, because your great sense of intuition connects you to higher powers so easily. 11 is an excellent number for a spiritual philosopher, because you are willing to gaze into the mysteries of the universe without fear or judgement.

Some of the careers that are best suited for Life Path 11’s all include positions where they are listening and working to improve a person’s life. For example: Minister, Psychologist, Teacher and Charity Worker.

Let’s dive in, explore each Life Path Number, and discover what careers will encourage the most success and happiness. Life Path Number 1 Those born with a Life Path Number 1 exhibit strengths such as independence, self-motivation, leadership skills, and innovative ideas.

People born with the life path number 11 are spiritually illuminated individuals who possess spiritual knowledge much beyond the reach of another average mortal. They are a source of inspiration for many. They are people who are often misunderstood in life and have to face the wrath of the world.