The very first letter of your first name is known as the "Cornerstone" in Numerology and it represents your approach to life. It reveals your overall outlook and the ways you react to both opportunities and upsets.

Special Letters in Numerology. The aspect of Numerology alphabet are important, depending upon where this alphabet is placed in the word. The Special Letters consist of the Cornerstone, Capstone and the first Vowel in your name. These are different terminologies used, for eg., the first letter of your first name is known as the Cornerstone.

Numerology's Cornerstone, Capstone, Key, and First Vowel . In Numerology each letter has a number value, as well as a range traits and attributes. Their placement determines the kind of influence each letter has on you. Some letters are more influential than others, but all affect you to some extent.


 · Lets discover Numerology Letters From A to Z and Your Name? This is such a cool way to understand numbers and what each of the letters in your name mean.With a little experience and practice, you will appreciate and understand what numbers can tell you about yourself. The Life Path Number is essential, and knowledge brings tremendous value to your life.

The Numerology meaning of letters. When people first started using words, sounds I should say, they were perhaps just guttural noise used to warn each other of approaching danger. Or picture some Neanderthal using smacking sounds to show appreciation for the chunk of meat he is eating. Or soft moaning sounds to express desire for a woman.

Placement of letters is the most influencing factor in Numerology. Especially the first vowel in your name or the first letter of your full name has a profound effect. Judging by this, Numerologist looks at three aspects : Cornerstone : The first letter of your name is called Cornerstone.

The relationship between letters and numbers has existed for a long time. There are many types of numerology systems, of which three are the most popular – the Pythagorean (Western), the Chaldean and the Kabbalah systems. Every system is different in its methods of calculations and gives different interpretations. 1.

Chaldean numerology table (by Cheiro) The Chaldean numerologists are not unanimous in assigning numerological values of letters. For example, Walter Gibson, Cheiro's younger English contemporary, attributed different numbers to some of the letters (X=6, C=2, H=8, CH=8, TH=9).