Lucky city by numerology. Root number or birthday number is the most effective number in numerology. It represents energy, daily routine works, luck, emotions and sensitivity. This is core number to check compatibility between two things. You should check compatibility to place or city …


 · If the name numerology of your city has the same Vibrations as your Date of Birth. Sum total of the vowels in your name of the city is matching with the vowels in your name. You can have a good chance for growth for a business or for a job prospect if the person has the same expression number which is matching to the name numerology of your city.


 · The energy (vibration) number of a city is computed through the numbers of alphabets in the name of the city and then added up to a single number. For example, my favorite city is Lahore (by my heart). So I have the name of the city as LAHORE. Now from the following chart, I derive the numbers for the alphabets of LAHORE. Have a look:

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Find Lucky City Numerology - Do you know whether the city where you live is lucky and compatible with you or not? Have you ever thought, are you living in the wrong location? Well, numerology or astrology can help you out. Destiny name numbers of both of you can draw a match or mismatch, which may clear the picture. Our location compatibility calculator can make the matching report between you ...

Numerology And Where Is Your Perfect Place To Live. Many people fail to realize that numerology also can play a big part in where you choose to live. This in turn can affect your health, success, and happiness. Choosing to live in the wrong city, may add a negative vibration to …