On every check there is a number that corresponds with the bank where you have a checking account. You can find this number towards the top right of your check. This information is not used as much anymore since it includes the same details that are in your routing and account numbers on a check but the fractional bank number is still printed on each check.


 · A check number is a reference number that will help you: Balance your checkbook; Track which checks have been processed by your bank; Know which checks are still outstanding; Some checks have the check number printed in MICR to help prevent fraud.   This number usually appears in two places, both the upper- and lower-right corners.


 · The second set of numbers identifies the check owner's checking account number. The third, shorter set of numbers is the check number and is typically only four digits in length. This number is used by the check's owner and the bank to track the check, and it corresponds to the check number on the upper-right corner of the check.


 · The numbers at the bottom of a check are important to both you and the bank. These numbers indicate the account a check is drawn on and from which bank. It is important that you know what the numbers ...


 · Please note: If you remove the “VV” prefix from the check number the DPX platform will not keep your number sequence. Changing the number using the website. If you’re creating eChecks from our website and want to change your check number, simply key in whichever check number you’d like preceded by the “VV” prefix (e.g. VV926829).

check definition: 1. to make certain that something or someone is correct, safe, or suitable by examining it, him, or…. Learn more.


 · Those check numbers are only for you so you can keep track of your own checks - they don't matter to the bank. 1 2. bannett. Lv 4. 4 years ago. Starting Check Number. Source(s): 0 0. I_think$ Lv 6. 1 decade ago. Start with 1001. (and NOT 1000. ) Avoids "new account" look, and easy to keep track of (just subtract 1000 ...


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 · Before going properly into the post which is how to check NIN number, let’s explain the meaning of NIN and its importance to the Nigerian populace. The National Identification Number (NIN) is a set of numbers (usually 11 in number) which is assigned to a user individual upon successful enrolment for the National Identification System by NIMC