Numerology for Business. Numerology is the study of numbers, their combination and their interaction in one’s life. Business Numerology deals with choosing the best name for the business. It is said that the World is based on the power of numbers and business is also all about numbers.


 · The Meanings of the Numbers in Business Name Numerology. 1 . The LEADER. Keywords: beginnings, self-determination, self-starter, innovation, exploration, aloneness, independence, and self-sufficiency. This is the number of new beginnings, of leadership, of start-ups and self-determination.

Numerology for Business Numerology can increase your chances of succeeding in business. Numerologists use numbers to predict future events and make decisions based on those predictions. In business, numerology can determine the company's best name and the most auspicious dates for business events. According to numerology, your business is likely…

What is numerology? Numerology is the study of numbers, each letter has a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. Why our numerology calculator?. People used to check numerology value for their business / company / brand name, now a days in India most of the entrepreneurs believe in numerology and consult numerologist for numerology compatibility before …

Business is all about "numbers". From the financial projections to the Incorporation date - even opening day is a number. Business Numerology deals with choosing the best name for the business, and also the most ideal date to start a business or to sign any deal. This science was used by the Ancients and dates back to antiquity.

1 is the leader, with new ideas, plans, innovation. 2 is all about balance, fairness, relationship… 2 business numerology could be good for coaching business or being a therapist. 3 is about being creative / artistic – related to music, art, speaking. A great number for music or photography site.

Business numerology is the study of numerology related to business. In Business Numerology both the name numerology and date numerology is considered for the calculations. The most important use of business numerology is to choose the right and perfect name for a business.

Communication and real deals are important in any business. The planet responsible for this is Mercury or Buddha. Number of Mercury is 5 and day of Mercury is Wednesday. Therefore, it can be said that good number for business generally is 5.

Business Numerology Numbers. Lets see the numbers which can make a positive impact in our business. First of all, we must realize that all fortunate numbers will not work for all people. It is the birth date and life path which is crucial in selecting the fortunate number for our business name numerology.