The number 6 is the embodiment of the heart. It represents unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture, and heal. It is a powerful force of compassion and empathy and its warm light is a beacon of hope. Its role is to use its heart and soul to be of service to others.


 · Birth Date number 6 are experts in attracting others and manipulating them to achieve their goals. They will be interested only in their progress. Their mind keeps running on thoughts about earning more money. If the strength of the number is high, they will succeed in spiritual life as well. The number 6 are lucky in racing and lottery.

Number 6 Leave a comment. If you are 6. A “perfect” number because it is the sum of its factors (1,2,3), 6 is balanced and harmonious, and is associated with family love and domesticity. Number 6 people are very reliable and trustworthy, but they may also be obstinate.

If you were born on the date 6, 15 or 24 of any month, your birth number is 6. If the single digit total of your full date of birth (i.e. DDMMYYYY) is 6, then it is your life path number. Moreover, according to your full name, you may have 6 as your expression number, soul urge number or personality number.

Life Path Number 6 You are likely more home, family, or community oriented, and tend to be more loving, warm, understanding, compassionate, responsible and reliable and interested in pleasing others. You are an excellent caretaker and provider, and enjoy being of service to others, and this is especially true with your family and friends.

Someone with a 6 life path is often called the "mom" of their friend group. If a 6 life path does not have children, they will treat their pets, friends, or employees like children and take care of them. A 6 life path is here to make sure everyone is taken care of and likes to take control of a situation. They put that responsibility on themselves.

If your date of birth is the 6th, then your heart is your gift. You are a natural-born nurturer and have a great talent for helping and healing others. You are the epitome of self-sacrifice and a fierce protector of those you love. Reveal the deeper meaning of having a birthday number 6 » Born on the 7th

Birth Number is considered to be the most powerful tool within numerology to calculate the destiny of an individual.The importance of birth numbers have been recognised since the earlist civilizations.Birth number is evolved from the date of birth of an individual. Birth Number helps in predicting the future of the person and calculating all the important happenings in the life of a person.


 · A birth number is calculated by the month, day and year you were born. That's right, the numerology of your birth date, despite whatever month you were born, can reveal the certain personality that you have and it's pretty crazy how accurate it works! Each birth number is tied to our natural abilities and what challenges we are likely to face!


 · Life Path Number. The life path number is the number that everybody wants to calculate from their numerology birth date. It makes use of the birth day, month, and year. To calculate your life path number, first add up the year (all four numbers) to get a two-digit number and further reduce it to a single-digit number.