1st Meaning of 888: You Have Knowledge and Wisdom to Share The meaning of 888 can relate to a completion of a spiritual learning. What was meant to be learned was learned.

To dig out the personal meaning of seeing 888, consider analyzing your feelings and thoughts that you had in mind when you saw it, and studying the number thoroughly. Studying numbers is an art known as numerology. Angel number 888 meaning: Balance. Spirituality. Opportunities. New journey. Abundance. Prosperity. Responsibilities. Inspiration ...

We will now take a quick look at the number 6 (remember as result of 2+4). This core number doesn’t require as much focus as the previous one as it’s not the main message. In relation to the number 8 (and therefore the number 888 meaning) we find that the number 6 is a message of attitude.


 · So another meaning offered by frequent sightings of the number 888 is that you must align yourself closely with your moral and ethical principles. Don’t take shortcuts. Don’t deceive, cheat or blame … yourself or anybody else.

888 is the special number of Jesus Christ as "He who is the Resurrection and the Life." He is the great opponent of the 666, the number of the Beast, the number of a Man. The ancient Chinese writings refer to 8 musical sounds, the Pah-yin. (G. Schlegel.)

A=1; B=2, etc." In the instance below, certain powerful numbers are deliberately created to contain the New World Order message that the Illuminati wanted to secretly convey to Initiates in every age. Watch carefully as we decode the numbers of the date MDCCLXXVI and enlighten you as to the intended occult meaning.

Gematria -- Occult Power of Numbers. A STUDY OF THE MEANINGS BEHIND A NUMBER. 1 = Unity or Beginning 29 = Departure. 2 = Union or Witness 30 = Blood of Christ. 3 = Divine Completeness 31 = Offspring. 4 = Creation 32 = Covenant. 5 = Grace of God 33 = Promise. 6 = Man, or Satan's Evils 34 = Naming of a Son

In the occult mindset, this ritual celebrates the impregnation of Mother Earth so she may bring forth her crops in the Spring. This Vernal Equinox is a Spring Fertility Rite, copied from the Satanic Druids. The deepest meaning is a "rebirthing" ceremony; what is it that this war is to "birth"? Antichrist, of course!

It represents the rootless root of creation. It corresponds to the holy ellipse, the endless line of eternity, the cosmic egg and the superconsciousness. The number 1 symbolizes the beginning. It is the “first” number in Gematria and thus the primal will, unity and uniqueness.