The number 72 is a number of humanitarianism. This number also symbolizes philanthropy, tolerance, intuition, idealism, teamwork and compassion. It also symbolizes justice, introspection and spirituality. People who resonate with the number 72 enjoy solving problems related to human welfare.

Number 72 are individuals who understand other people in their environment. They’re great organizers, have a powerful mind and natural wisdom. They do not like people who lie and talk about bad things about others. Also, we should mention that Angel number 72 can be looked through number 9, which represents the sum of the angel numbers 7 and 2.

72 is the number of the French Department Sarthe. There are seventy-two members n the National Senate of Argentina. 72 is the number of spaces in a game of Parcheesi, that is, from start space to home. 72 Angel Number Symbolism. According to angel number 72 symbolism, you should be able to understand that there are different situations in life.


 · The angel number 72 ushers in a period of spiritual beginning and enlightenment. Keep doing the good work you’re doing, and release anything that does not serve your true life purpose. Use your gifts and talents to navigate your life to success, happiness, and abundance.

The angelic number 72 announces that you have worked with your heart and soul to help, assist and serve your fellow men. You have lived your divine soul mission and your life goal with commitment and passion. If along the way you have doubts, fears or anxieties, pray to the angelic realm for relief, answers, advice and guidance.


 · Angel Number 72. You often see the quantity “72” recently. If you see a variety that you simply study over and over, it is a message from the angel, the “angel number. Angels seem to require to inform you something through numbers. This time I will be able to explain the meaning of the “72” angel number. Meaning of angel number 72

This allows us to consciously participate in the work the Angel does, and provides us with a very precise map of our conscience and of our travels via our dreams in the multi-dimensions of the our life and Parallel Worlds. You can experiment yourself by choosing an Angel in the list of the 72 …


 · The mixed number sequence of 7s and 2s (7, 2, 72, 27, 772, ... Number Seven Meaning. Angel number 7 reverberates positive vibrations, radiating the self-confident personality who has a deep sense of being. With the independent energies of the introvert, this sharp witted healer is …

The numerology number 72 is a humanitarian number. But it's more than just that. The energy 72 represents includes tolerance, philanthropy, and intuition. And other vibrations. It is a number of idealism and compassion, for example. 72 may be understood as being an intuitive and wise number 9 with a penchant for teamwork.

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