Welcome to the 7 Year Cycle. 7 energy flows in an atmosphere of privacy, solitude, and quietness. It is constantly seeking answers to its steady stream of questions about itself and life. It is seeking truth, wisdom, dignity, fulfillment, and perfection. This year, so are you.

The 7 Personal Year invites a certain level of self-inquiry. I happen to follow Mark Manson’s Monday Mailing (if you don’t know about Mark, you can check him out here). He has a great way of analyzing concepts that I find engaging – and if I’m not mistaken, he is a 7 Life Path!


 · 7 Personal Year. A 7 Personal Year is ripe for spiritual development. This year, you’ll feel your faith and trust being tested. Don’t be surprised if you want to retreat from the chaos to steal chances for reflection. Your mission is to explore the depth of your soul’s calling. Read more about your 7 Personal Year. 8 Personal Year

Personal Year - 7. a time for analysis and understanding. Vibrations of number seven trigger changes that can very painfully touch emotions. There will be changes in friendships and romantic relationships, at home and at work, and even in the soul of the person, so it will be a very hard year.


 · Personal Year #7 “Everyone you meet is just a mirror” will be your mantra for the year 2020. Moreso than ever, you are going to realize that everyone you encounter on your life journey is simply a mirror, and a trigger to whatever is going on inside of you. What you see in others exists in you, and in many different ways throughout the year ...