Angel number 157 may also be considered an expression of the energy of the number 4 (1+5+7=13, 1+3=4). The number 4 resonates with an energy that is practical, energetic, and organized. When the energy of the number 4 shines through angel number 157, you can be sure that you will have the energy and practical knowledge necessary to reach your personal and professional goals.


 · Angel number 157 represents spirituality, new changes, and positive energy. This number has the uplifting influences of its three constituent numbers and brings the reaffirmation regarding the decisions in your life. Angel number 1 is the very popular number of new beginnings, striving for success, happiness, and inspiration.

Angel Number 157 Meaning. Angel number 157 has number 1, 5, 7 in series. Number 1 of 157 stands for victory and success. It represents accomplishment and achievements beyond one’s imagination. This number is all about you striving towards making it big and reaching for your goals.

157 Angel Number Twin Flame. Angel Number 157 has a special meaning in Twin Flame. It is a number that helps to find your twin flame by keeping enough patience by listening to your heart. Frankly speaking about twin flame, it is not about finding your soul mates. To find your soul mates means that you have found your perfect match but twin flame is to find your perfect mirror of yourself.

An angelic number 157 is a combination of the attributes of number 1, the vibration of number 5, and the energy of number 7. Number 1 is related to creativity, a new beginning, achievement of success. Number 5 brings new life changes, making new decisions, providing new life opportunities.